Surrender to the Storm

Posted: November 10, 2013 in Inner Journey, Poetry
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Novembers submission to Moon Books. Find Romany at Moon Books Publishing Blog here

The storm is my life My life is me I am the storm

The storm is my life
My life is me
I am the storm


One of the hardest lessons to learn is that life does not just happen to us, we are in fact the authors of our own existence. From ancient spiritual philosophies to modern Quantum Physics, we explore the concepts of reality, conscious existence, human observational effects, laws of attraction, and the impact of the human mind upon matter. When life feels chaotic, hectic, difficult or challenging, it becomes almost impossible to accept that we actually hold the power to manifest these aspects in our lives. Life is balance, and destruction has as much value as creation, for without one the other could not be. Yet we struggle to see ourselves as active participants within the storm, let alone as creators of it. This is a lesson I learn and forget over and over again. Each time my life becomes overwhelming I must learn once more that I need to move into the centre of the chaos. Sometimes I need to surrender to the destruction and sometimes I need to just scream into the storm.

Chaos, Creation,
Confusion, elation
Spinning cycles of power and peace
Standing naked in the storm
Exposed and vulnerable
Battered and battling
At every single moment
Every possibility collapsing into this
This one moment
This one moment
This one moment
That never ends, always begins
Surrounded by the movement and din
Impossible to move outside of it all
Instead I move in
Towards my centre
Huddling my tired form
Deep into the storm
And suddenly I can breathe
There is space and silence at the centre
I raise my hands to the sky
Stand tall
Stand back
Observe my life as it whips on by
This is me
All me
The creation, the destruction
The chaos, the peace
The pleasure, the grief
All me
This is my storm
I surrender to myself
And wail into the winds of change and circumstance
All of my own making
Each echoed scream reflecting
The possibilities
The probabilities
That collapse into this

Oceans Deep
There is fear at the surface
The panic driven resistance of stubborn survival
Of denial
The downward spiral
Exhausted, tired, fearful and numb
Constantly looking up and beyond
Refusing to gaze into the depths
Lest the deep darkness claims me as its own
But claim me it does
When I am too tired to fight for air
Beyond numb despair
Beyond fear
I sink below the surface
In cold acceptance of all that I have denied
And resistance leaves my form
I relax into the unknown
Letting it carry the weight of my heart
And suddenly there is peace
I pause, held, floating
And all around me are the thoughts and feelings I held beneath the surface
The aspects of myself that lapped at the shores of my soul
The ebb and flow of acceptance and resistance
It is all here
All encompassing
The depths of a person
Oceans deep
Unfathomable in one lifetime
Unchartered waters not yet seen, not yet experienced, not yet understood
A desire to explore the unknown jolts new life into a tired heart
My body electrified and inspired to move
No longer denying the depths
Below me the tidal emotions push and pull
Each movement a slippery stepping stone to the surface
Above me the sun reflects upon the water
And for the first time in forever
I can see the light that shines upon me
I reach out
Break the surface
Buoyed by the depths of my feelings
Surrounded by the shifting, sparkling reflections of a new dawn
With fresh perspective
I balance upon the waters of my heart
And lift my face towards the light

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