Many Gods, One Divine

Posted: November 17, 2013 in Pagan Perspectives
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 I have often been asked:

 “If the Divine is all one,

how can there be so many Gods and Goddesses?”

I am but one body of flesh and bone and sinew, comprised of the genetics of millions who came before me. I am but one body, made of billions of cells that act without my conscious interference, a single entity made of stardust of the universe. When I die my physical form does not cease to exist, it transforms and feeds back into the universe. I am unique, but recycled and recyclable. Therefore I am one, yet also a part of the all that is, ever was or will be.

I am but one person, yet I am given many names. I am my first name, my middle name, my last name, my maiden name, my married name, my nicknames, my craft name, my soul name. I am Mama, Miss, Ms, Mrs, Ma’am, darling, beloved, babe, wench, sweetheart, honey, bunny. I am Melody, Mel, Romany, Ro, Primula, Battlebitch. I am each of these names, all of these names, more than these names.

triple-goddessI am but one person, yet I am many different roles. I am me. I am also wife, mother, friend, lover, daughter, sister, aunt, fairy godmother, guardian, guide, healer, artist, writer, business woman, blogger, student, teacher, Witch, Priestess. I am peacemaker and warrior.  I am the random woman at the checkout, the stranger on the bus. I am a thousand interactions, a thousand roles. I am some of these roles at different times to different people, all these roles some the time, and more than these roles all of the time.

I am but one person, yet I am complex and contradictory in aspects. I am nervous, anxious, fearful, angry, bitter, melancholy, depressed, ignorant, exhausted and exhausting. I am happy, joyful, brave, excited, enthusiastic, intelligent, wise, inspired and inspiring. I am a stay at home, snuggle on the sofa with a good book and an open fire kind of introvert. I am also a dream chasing, risk taking, motivational extrovert. I have a reputation for a terrible temper, and a reputation for being kind, compassionate and rational. I am stubborn, opinionated, unreasonable. I am flexible, open minded and considerate. I am hurt and hurtful. I am creative and destructive. I am passionate and withdrawn. I am loved and loving. And I can be all of these complex contradictions before breakfast.

I am but one tiny human amidst billions of humans, amidst billions of life forms, on one pale blue dot of a planet, in one small galaxy, in one expansive and unknown universe. I am but one, yet a part of the whole. I am the universe distilled into one form, and one form within the universe. I am no one, someone, insignificant and important.

I am me. I am none of these things, some of these things,

all of these things, and more than these things.

I am me.

Which me do you see?

GoddessGodHarmony by Selina Fenech

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