Pagan Blog Project 2014

Pagan Blog Project 2014

We are told from our earliest experiences of magic that intention and will are key to manifesting our desires and affecting our reality, but few people can actually describe either concept clearly. To some degree this is because intention moves beyond intellectual concept and into practical experience when applied, and every persons experience is unique.

I recently experienced a clear manifestation of the Art of Intention. I have been living abroad for several years, and developed a desire to visit my old stomping grounds. That desire developed into an imagining of being in that location, and the imagining developed into a belief that this will come to pass. Beyond this belief came a deep knowing, an awareness of truth. It is within this deep knowing that Intention lies. Intention is not simply wanting something to happen or believing that something will come to pass, it is living as if the outcome is certain – or already happened. This form of certainty revolves around the outcome, not around the finer details. Remaining open to all the avenues of manifestation allows room for all the threads of possibility to weave together and create your outcome.

For me, this certainty was that I would indeed visit my friends and family soon. How it would all come to pass when there were so many challenges to overcome was unclear to me, but these finer details would be resolved before the outcome could manifest – so instead of worrying, I simply trusted. I knew that I would be there soon, so I lived my life as if it were already coming to pass. I cleaned, I packed, I made arrangements with neighbors to care for my cat at short notice. I spoke to my children about flying on an airplane and visiting family… even before we had passports to fly or any money to pay for tickets. I knew it would happen, and each time someone asked me about the details I only smiled at the uncertainty and lack of confirmation. I am sure people thought I was crazy to prepare for a trip without any idea how I would actually make it happen, but that is living with intention, holding an intention. When pushed to make arrangements, I told people that everything would come together in the 11th hour. Instead of feeling stressed about the uncertainty, I felt calm and focused. My intention and my patience paid off. At the last minute everything came together, passports, flights, accommodation. Even when our borrowed car fell through and we had to stretch our resources to pay for a tiny hire car that would be unlikely to contain all of us and our luggage, I calmly sent a mental request for an upgrade and wove that intention into the reality of our travel. Sure enough, after a few delays, we arrived late at the hire car centre to pick up our tiny rental only to find that it was no longer available. Instead we were given a much more spacious car at no extra cost, and a diesel too which is more cost efficient. I stood on English soil, expressed my gratitude to the universe and marveled at the power of intention.

RRivers logoIntention is beyond belief, it is a knowing. Bone deep knowledge without rigidity. An acceptance of a reality yet to manifest. An understanding of every possibility collapsing into the one reality you intend to manifest. Don’t just desire, don’t just dream, don’t just believe, don’t just dare, don’t just live with the idea… do all of these things. The Art of Intention is manifesting the imagined… by knowing that you do create your own reality. By knowing that knowing is the key.

  1. Definitely. Intention is a huge part of magic. I’m still wrapping my brain around what magic means for me…there are a few blog posts in the offing on that, lol. Or rather, I’m renegotiating my relationship to magic…but I fully agree with what you wrote here about intention. I hope your trip is going great!

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  2. machinegunmama says:

    What an amazing and (for me) needed explanation.

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