fall.jpgEarth turns. Sun rises and sets. Wind blows, leaves scatter, seeds are sown. Thunder cracks, light splits the sky, fire burns bright in the darkness. Rain lashes my skin, clouds obscure my vision. I witness the birth and death of life around me, ever cyclical. I reach out to the elements and wash myself clean, and listen to the whispers of the wind. The world tells me tales of love and loss, of journeys taken, trials endured, planting and harvesting. The water reflects the world back at me until everything I see outside of me becomes the story of my soul.

As a Witch I see the forces of the Elements manifested within the natural world around me, and these natural manifestations can teach me far more than biology and chemistry. They can teach me alchemy. Through observation of nature I can learn about the underlying energies of our worlds, how they influence my understanding of the worlds around me, and how they are reflected within my own personal journey – my experiences, relationships, behavior, my connection with Divinity, my magical endeavors, even the cycles and rhythms of my physical form. By observing the power and pattern of a storm, I can more clearly see the movement and impact of emotional storms in my life. By observing the life cycle of a plant, I can more easily understand the cycles of creativity. By observing the nature of fire, I can more readily understand the dangers and benefits of the passions and pleasures of my life. When my heart aches or my soul is restless, I turn my eyes to nature and seek awareness through the ever present, ever changing story of interconnectedness. I take the lessons found outside of me and internalize them. The wind becomes my inner voice, the earth my meditation. By using the Elements to move deeper into myself, I transform myself. I change, grow, illuminate my inner workings. I become an embodiment of the Elements and use that magic, that power, to strip away that which no longer serves, to purify and cleanse myself, to encourage my shadows to dance in the light, to bring forth that which is hidden, to consecrate myself. To be sacred in all my flawed and ever changing perfection.

Today I awoke to thunder.

Now I stand windblown and carefree in scattered sunlight, the tears of this morning underfoot.

Todays lesson: Storms will come, and they will pass. Sometimes a storm is the only thing that will clear the air.



This post is a part of the Pagan Blog Project 2014

  1. S.C. Tanner says:

    There is much we can learn from nature, but the raising of awareness may be the most important lesson. Another excellent post.


  2. Inga Leonora says:

    Beautifully expressed, Romany!


  3. www.brightonwiccansupplies.co.uk says:

    Beautifully written!


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