About Romany

FullShotRomany Rivers is a poet, an artist, an author, a Pagan Priestess and co-founder of Moon River Wicca in England. As a Celebrant Romany uses poetry and modern interpretations of fairytales to create unique celebrations, festivals, and rituals. Aside from her work as a Priestess and artist, she is also well known for her work in the holistic health community as a Reiki Master and Tarot Reader. Romany moved from the south of England and now resides in Nova Scotia, Canada, with her husband and two children, pursuing dreams of a sustainable, family focused and rural lifestyle whilst providing holistic and family support services to the community.

Romany is a resident poet with Moon Books, and you can find monthly submissions on the Moon Books Blog



Poison Pen Letters to MyselfRomany has several books due for publication this year, the first of which is ‘Poison Pen Letters to Myself

This book chronicles a very personal journey through the years overcoming severe bouts of depression and consequently creating a more holistic and spiritual lifestyle. The chapters Red Letters, Return to Sender and Addressee Unknown reveal periods of depression and anxiety; anger and healing; and acceptance and spiritual growth. The words in these pages were not written for mass consumption. They were not artfully crafted for reading aloud in dim rooms to a soundtrack of clicking fingers and Parisian style applause. They were not intended as political statements or a way of reaching other wayward wandering souls. Over the last two decades they were poured, purged, scribbled and spat onto scraps of paper, napkins, backs of hands, into empty pages and blank spaces of other books. At times of sorrow, frustration, confusion, acceptance and joy these words made sense of the minds muddled meanderings. Within these pages you will find heart breaking, heart healing honesty that crosses the divide and touches the souls of others.

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