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I would like to introduce you to Mabh Savage, author of A Modern Celt: Seeking the Ancestors. In Mabh’s own words:

Mabh Savage

Mabh Savage

My book, A Modern Celt: Seeking the Ancestors is at its heart an exploration of how an ancient culture has so much impact on our modern, day to day lives. I speak to ordinary people from all walks of life, some pagan, some not, who describe events that either hark back to the tales and myths of the Celts, or speak of a spiritual connection to the Fae and those we now call Gods and Goddesses such as the Dagda, The Morrigan and Lugh. I look at how to seek a connection to your own ancestors; to understand your own place in the universe. I also look at how the stories and tales, originally passed solely by word of mouth, have survived the millennia and are still so relevant in our society of concrete and technology. We see how the wheel of the year, the cornerstone for many pagan lives, was not only the Celtic year but their understanding of how the world worked, and how tapping into that can enrich our own lives. (more…)

Shauna Aura KnightAn artist, author, community leader, event organizer, and spiritual seeker, Shauna travels nationally offering intensive education in the transformative arts of ritual, community leadership, and personal growth. She is the author of the Dreamwork for the Initiate’s Path and the ritual facilitation book Spiritual Scents. She’s also a columnist on ritual techniques for Circle Magazine, and her writing also appears in several Pagan anthologies. She’s the author of the forthcoming books The Leader Within and Ritual Facilitation. The anthologies Stepping in to Ourselves: An Anthology of Writings on Priestessing, A Mantle of Stars, and Calling to our Ancestors.

Shauna is also a fantasy artist and author. Her mythic artwork and designs are used for magazine covers, book covers, and illustrations, as well as decorating many walls, shrines, and other spaces. She is passionate about creating rituals, experiences, spaces, stories, and artwork to awaken mythic imagination. (more…)