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Who is Santa?

Posted: December 24, 2013 in Poetry
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Santa is the Spirit of Winter
With eyes of blue ice,
Beard of white snow,
And a voice that is heard
When the bitter winds blow
Santa is the Spirit of Joy
Dressed in the warm reds
Of a new born sun
The colour of love,
Of hearth and of home
Santa is the Spirit of Winter
A being of seasons
With blessings bestowed
To each and every heart
That grants him a home
Santa is the Spirit of Joy
Remembered each winter
As we all raise our eyes
And listen like children
For his bells in the skies.


Choose GenerosityIn my life, at different times, I have been on both the giving and receiving end of charity. I have even worked for a very large charity, and been witness to the ‘behind the scenes’ aspects of large charitable organisations. Charity can certainly be a wonderful thing, it is the extension of ourselves into the community, small individual actions creating ripple effects that impact the whole world for the better. Small actions, when multiplied by millions, manifesting enormous change. That change effects all of us, because we are all a part of the same world. The world of extremes, of haves and have nots, of wealth and poverty, of excess and lack; a world of division that creates the need for the generosity of others. (more…)